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History of myself

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History of myself Empty History of myself

Message  D'Artagnan le Dim 2 Déc - 12:36

Ok, i’ll start with the first shooter game i have play. First one was Wolfenstein3D, after that I move to Duke Nuken. After that I tried Quake II only single for the first 6 months, cause in that time I didn’t have internet. So my first game play over internet for on a dialup 56 k modem, with over 200 ping, I don’t remember exactly. I was playing with a friend of mine, it was a great game for those time.
After that I bought Quake III Arena, to tell you the truth… I didn’t like the game when I first tried it.
I said to my friend, what king of game is that ? there is no single player mission, it’s only Arena maps to play over internet, that’s stupid, this game will never become good with only Multiplayer mode… Well I was wrong, this game became the best game i have ever play.

The game has fast pace and lots of liberty of mouvement, I never play a game with so much free mouvement. It’s hard to tell of all the thing youre able to perform with youre player, you can make Rocket jump to jump higher then normally, strafle to run faster, circle jump to jump longer, and much more…

But to be able to do all those moves, you need to practice a lot…
That’s another thing about this game that no other game have, you need to train yourself to get better…and to tell you the truth (I’m talking about me of course) you never get good enough, the day you think you achive some kind of skill, you end up playing with a more skill player then you with faster mouvement and better reflex, also prediction is a big part of the gameplay.
Lots of great players know the maps so good that they could run the map back-ward has easy has running forward…imagine…

After all the years I have play this game, i consider myself a average skill player, there is worst player then me but lot’s of player are much more skill then me…
That is the part I get mad sometime about this game, I know I’m not perfect, but it’s always hard to accept to get beat up like crazy.

But no matter what people say or think about me, I have great respect for lot’s of player’s that I have play with…I don’t have to put name, they will reconise them self.
I play for the fun of it, not to get crush or ridiculise…that’s why when I play with less skill player, I try to help them …

For me a 30 to 0 gamematch isn’t fun for the winner or the loser, there isn’t any competition in there…but a 30 to 29 gamematch, that’s another story. Both of the player have fun on a close match like that…

Good Game man, great shooting…

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